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It would make sense for Jägers to carry hirschfängers, or hunting swords, as they were often recruited from hunters. But the source which claims they carried hirschfängers seems dubious. Perhaps the author just felt like popping in a German word? The best way would be to look for contemporary graphic illustrations of Hessian Jägers to form a view of how they were armed. Not sure they are to be viewed as ”elite” though. In those days the elite were the guards regiments propped full with aristocracy and embellished with glamorous uniforms and equipment. The Jägers were probably perceived as rather less glamorous at that time. The sword you showed us looks lika an infantry hanger rather than a hirschfänger. Could it not have been used by the Hessian grenadier regiments (which were probably regarded as more exclusive at that time)?
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