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Originally Posted by cornelistromp
very good! btw your rapier hilt is indeed Spanish. Blade can be of Solingen manufacture or as it says Toledo. some Solingen sword smiths went to Spain.
I believe Johannes Brach did this around 1625 ! maybe his father, I have to check this later because my books are stored for the moment.


Now that's really something!

So I may have a Spanish rapier ...
with a blade made in Toledo ...
by German swordsmith ...
from a famous Solingen swordsmiths' family...
who may have travelled to Toledo to perfect his art...
if I got it right.

Wow! Quite a story!
I find fascinating the idea of a swordsmith travelling all the way from Solingen to Toledo, just to learn new secrets and perfect his skill.

Thank you!

PS: Any way the blade is surprinsingly strong and elastic for its age and I believe it is complete to the tip. Also all fittings share the same patina, consistent with a 17th century sword and are stronly bound together. So I suspect the sword is pretty much in its original condition.
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