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All the barrels shown below came from Montjuic Castle, Spain.
Ed was offered them as a lot by a dealer in 2009.
Thanks a lot,
Ed, my old friend, for the photos!

All of them date from ca. 1450.
One of them even retained a portion of its original wooden tiller stock!

For a fragmented barrel of the same type and date in the Royal Armouries Leeds, and dated too early by their experts please also see:

Actually, it was Ed who invited me to join in 2008, guiding my first steps here!

My God, more than 4,100 of my posts have lain between - disregarding the fact that I was hospitalized for more than a year and a half, from Sept. 2012 through late April 2014, and just a step away from dying, again and again and again ...

My will to be STRONG, TRUE, and FREE, finally saved me.

I still wish Ed would be around here once more, just the way he used to years ago ...


All images attached to this post were taken by Ed in 2009, and are copyrighted by him.
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