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This is extremely helpful for a beginner, particularly folks like me that do not (for whatever reasons) intend to dive into the intimidating world of keris research at this time. Being able to understand the descriptive intent of the terms open an entirely different filter for looking at a keris blade, the confusing jumble of details suddenly resolve to defined "understandable" features. This was a huge leap for me. However I found it difficult flicking back and forth from Alan's translation and the diagram so I have produced side-by-side graphics. This also makes, what I assume to be key, the spatial alignment of features in terms of top/bottom and front/back clear. I took liberties, for graphic layout purposes, with Alan's text so please be sure to read his full translation and comments and not rely completely on the English annotated graphic alone.

Alan - If I have made mistakes or skewed your meanings too far (being aware of your precision with words) please let me know, I can edit and update the graphics accordingly.
Bjorn - Did you create the original diagram? If not, and if the owner is not a member of this forum, I would be happy to generate a forum-owned graphic. Someone would need to provide me with a high resolution keris photo to use as a model.

A couple clarification requests regarding ron dha terminology. Having looked up the ron dha character it is abundantly clear that these keris features match the physical shape of the ron dha character. This is the same shape as the jenggot on the left side of the diagram. Would a jenggot be similarly comprised of thingils and a ri pandhan? The other question is that we have a top down alignment of knee and lower leg yet the ron dha nunut would indicate a trailing feature despite being "up" per leg orientation. This seems contrary to the top down alignment. This may just be my spatial bias...
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