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I agree with Jean on a number of fronts, though I'm not sure if i would call it "nicely dressed". If the hilt is actually ivory and the metal piece silver, then there is some value in the dress, but the hilt is not finely carved, the selut is badly fitted and the wrongko is nothing special and in bad condition. The blade itself is, as Jean has pointed out, no great masterpiece. It does seem to be somewhat recent. The features are all rather poorly carved and because the lines of the pamor do not seem to follow the curves of the blade is suspect the the luks were put in place through stock removal rather than being forged that way. So it does not seem to be a blade that has been approached by any decently skilled Javanese smith. I do suppose it is possible that this is some inexperienced Javanese smith's attempt at keris making or it is possible that it was made elsewhere. I suspect that the wrongko is an old one that has been adapted to this blade.
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