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Originally Posted by David
I believe if you search the internet you will be able to find this book online.

I've seen a few copies out there. I just need to find the right one. So far they have seemed maybe slightly over valued.

"A. G. --- perhaps the best place to start with this is: -Wiener Margaret J. "Visible and Invisible Realms", ISBN 0-226-88582-8/1,The University of Chicago Press"

--Mr Maisey, Funny you should say that I already had her on order from reading your bibliography. I really enjoyed your Interpretation. I am looking at what I see in a different way now. (the lingam/yoni symbolism, which is mirrored in Daoist beliefs. The water cycle between the mountains and valleys. Fertility. How the martial use of the blade would mirror the art, the unity of the destroyer and the creator. The cultural importance of the conflict over Chinese Kailash as well as the belief that sometimes mtns shouldn't be climbed. Lots of little pieces). Every little bit helps understand where and from what culture an object, and often its separate components, came from. Comprehending a bit of the symbolism behind the motifs or lack of motifs, has given a glimpse into possibly what it's maker was trying to say/achieve. This has enhanced my enjoyment of seeing the objects immensely. Thanks, for that. A week where I've learned this much is a good week.

A question for the group; Why is there very little mention of Gardner's "Keris and other Malay Weapon"? and none of A.H. Hill and his coauthors for their collected works? Are these not considered serious, or are they antiquated or worse yet erroneous? My apologies for being the king of the run-on sentence.
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