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Originally Posted by David
If it is the lip at the top of the wrongko and the way it rises at the back i can see sometime Javanese is that form, but i don't think it is never seen on Bali sheaths. I made this comparison to show someone the difference in shape between Javanese and Bali gayaman some time ago. But i am still fairly confident that your sheath is Bali, or perhaps Lombok, not Javanese. Note that those flourishes at the joint with the gandar are not present on the Javanese keris in this example while rudimentary ones are present on the Balinese wrongko.

Yes it's the two lips of each side of Wrongko that made me doubt because they are identical to Javanese wrongko.
On the other hand, I agree that all the other details of this sheath are perfectly Balinese.
So it would be just a Javanese influence on a Balinese scabbard?
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