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Originally Posted by Ibrahiim al Balooshi
Always fun to have a modern knife turn up with possible clues as to from where it came. You headed up the post as Indian? Is that a clue or where in fact did you get it?...The pattern on the blade is reflected in the hilt for which I think its origin points at tree of life which could be the vast area of India and or the Silk Road not to mention Arabia or Muslim origins broadly. I will hazard a vast guess ...Afghanistan! I would say Kabul.

THAT is an excellent observation!!! I had not thought of that 'tree of life' which of course is so often seen on katars/jamadhar.
The same motif with dots on the ends of the lines also reflect similar markings on blades from India in some cases, as well as other Arab oriented weapons.
When I see the 'Bowie' look in the blade, that 'clipped tip' is also a feature on European cavalry sabres.
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