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Well called Norman!!!
Obviously these roundels were something that had been in the hilt design repertoire for a while, and the early 17th century period seems to have well observed them, especially the English. They seem to have been deeply attracted to these European designs, as well as adopting classical themes and even fencing i.e. spadroon.

This, coupled with the running wolf and most importantly the numerals 1605....while these numbers groups such as 1441, 1414 etc. have always been regarded as magical numbers.....the coincidence(?) of these 1605, 1610 numbers seem compellingly possible as dates.

Yikes! the price tag on that one! wow!
I did see the term 'riding sword' pop up in my excavations of notes and references, and along with these spadroon etc. references.

I think you might be onto something there Sherlock!!!
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