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The blade appears to be what is known as 'montmorency' cross section and was used 1790s until about 1820s on British cavalry sabres, but of course many were German made as well. I would imagine the French may have used them too. With the movement of blades naturally Russians could not be discounted either.
In any case, definitely European of that period, and I think one of the most intriguing blade patterns I have seen with that unusual stepped section at the tip. Many British blade patterns of early 19th had this 'stepped' tip often with pipeback (ribbed) backs on the blade. It was a time of considerable innovation in blades for the British as they were sampling all sorts of prototypes to establish a more effective cut and thrust blade.

I would of course defer on the mounts to you guys with that expertise, but agree that the Ottoman denominator seems pretty compelling. The heavy repousse seems to me it might have SE Asian possibility as dha's often have this kind of work, but that scabbard chape as noted seems otherwise.
On that note, I would mention that often Balkan weapons had an 'oriental' theme, and that might correspond to the Ottoman idea.

Sure seems to be a colonially mounted European blade, but more specific hard to say. Really nice! love that blade!
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