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My idea when I put this pic up was that a whole heap of knowledgeable people would jump in and tell us we were looking at a current era Madura.

OK, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

However, I've seen this keris at a very close distance, and in my opinion it is definitely pre-current era.

Then there is the date. HB VII died in the 1920's. Current era Madura that looked like this did come into existence until around the 1990's, prior to that they were still pretty crude.

The museum itself is linked to the Jogja Kraton. Anything is possible, but personally I'm prepared to accept what the display label states as truthful.

The point of the exercise is this:- it can be somewhere between difficult and impossible to provide a certain estimate of exactly what we are looking at based upon an image on a computer screen, especially a bad image, like this one.

As for "pusakas", well just because somebody, royal or otherwise owns a keris, that does not necessarily make it a pusaka.
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