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Thanks very much Ibrahiim!
There are truly a number of considerations for the purpose or meaning of the stem or spike extension on the khanda, but these are a convention which seems to have arisen with the 'Hindu basket hilt'. This was of course the evolution of the guard system of the traditional khanda sword dating into ancient India, and is generally thought to have occurred post European contact.

The traditional khanda did seem to have the cup like pommel, but I am not aware of the spike feature on the pre 17th c. swords without finger guard plate (joining guard plate and pommel).

While the spike, as we have discussed surely may have been used in the manner suggested if of sufficient length, there are many variations where these are inadequate for such functions. With this being the case, we cannot say the spike was never used as a hand hold, it might have been done incidentally.

It is really helpful to have this kind of input here to review examples and references which give us a greater overview on these swords.
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