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Originally Posted by Sajen
Thank you Amuk! So it's like stated from Michael an Iban sword. May I ask you from where you get the term "Isaw" for this type of swords? That it is more recent would also be confirmed by the date from the coins. Will post the thickness of the blade near the handle soon as it has arrived at it's destination. Thank you again!


YW Detlef ..... My source is the people who used them.
As for the coins (I used to be a passionate numismatist in a previous life), they appear to be (can't be too sure from the photo) pre-RepublikIndonesia coins(see attached example). Please judge for yourself.

BTW ..... the obverse of the example states : Netherlands Indies while the reverse side has two scripts, Soenda (outer) and Djawi (inner). Both state: 1/10 roepiah.(I'm a bit rusty on this, so please excuse any mistake).

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