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This is my first time learning about swords at all. Thanks for the flamboyant sword reference! It helps a lot. Things make better sense, now.

I'm sorry if I bother anyone with my customization ideas. I wouldn't dare do such a thing to a beautifully put together piece. The one I got is already mixed up, so I don't see anything wrong with experimenting. I'm learning through deconstruction, I suppose. It's my nature to work backwards.

If I've removed the original stain, it's ok. The rust and gunk really bothers me. I can find a way to stain the blade again, I'm sure. I leave the country every so often.

Don't worry about bursting bubbles. It just means more learning for me. I might buy a meteorite ring to act as a mendak. It is a really powerful substance.

Do you think the following arsenic will work? It seems to be available for sale online.
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