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Default Identifying Pamor for a First Keris

Hello! I've just purchased my first keris. Can anyone tell me what the pamor is and it's magical meaning? I've looked through examples of pamors and to my eyes it looks like it could be one of three. Are there any signs that this is a pre-WWII blade? I want one that was smithed with rituals.

I slept with the keris under my pillow to perform the 'dream test'. No bad dreams, but the scabbard broke where it was glued. There isn't anything wrong with the hilt but it fits my hand very poorly. The mendak is really beat up.

If the blade is worthwhile I'll seek high quality attachments, but if it is a mediocre blade I'll look for mediocre replacements. I really like this blade. It has a strong aura about it. I really dig the pamor. But I don't want to 'overdress' it.

Attached are pictures of the seller's photos. The keris looks alright in them. It was was filthy when I received it, though. I didn't take photos of the dirty keris. I put some time in tonight to clean the blade. I've still got a while to go but much of the gunk is gone. Attached are some 'after' photos of my first cleaning. Parts of the blade have 'milky' appearance. There is some kind of translucent yellow/green.

Is my first keris an ok first buy? And what are the purported magical attributes? Any help would be wonderful. Book references and links are very welcome. I might make the keris a new hobby!
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