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Originally Posted by Rafngard
Hello all,

I do wonder if the number of WWII and later Vasayan talibongs (usually of low quality, and made for those who travel) is impacting the perception of Vasayan smiths here?

Perhaps the same is true of the ubiquitous "negrito bolo" blades from Luzon.

This is not to say that there aren't low quality, more modern, Moro blades. However, despite being someone who often bargain hunts on a certain auction site, I don't see these nearly as often as I see lower quality blades from the Vasayans or Luzon.

Even when a high quality (say a pre-WWI garab, or a Katipunan dagger) does come on the market, the ending price is often significantly higher than a (roughly) equivalent Moro piece.

So maybe the market that buyers, especially newer collectors, are seeing is influencing perception?

Have fun,

Hi Leif,

Would like to inquire which talibong we are talking about. If we're talking about the Panay talibongs, an Ilonggo blade expert explained to me that the reason for the relatively not-so-sturdy construction of the whole sword was because aside from the blade itself, the other parts were meant to be easily replaceable; thus the sword is easily 'reborn' from any damage of previous battles. On hindsight, this may also have enabled easier customization (think lego blocks, especially the figural-hilts).

With regard to the so-called Leyte talibong (the fat belly guy), research is still being done on what exactly that sword is. The history of that sword is a bit murky; I've done some historical research myself and it's not explicitly stated in the earliest documents (1906 onwards) that was the exact weapon that the Pulahan/Pulajan/Pulahanes used.

With regards to Luzon- have any of you ever wondered why there's a shortage of Minasbad blades even on online auction sites? Something to think about.

But I'm already digressing from the main point. Hope this info on the Panay talibong is of help.
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