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Originally Posted by kai
This is a really interesting piece! On first sight, one might be inclined to see a keris Melayu in the blade. However, the greneng/jenggot as well as the gandik sure do look classic Java!

Yes, thanks for posting these Leif!
Yes, i don't think there is a doubt that these are Javanese. As you say though, we rarely get to see keris this old in such pristine condition.
If i had run across this one somewhere else, my first inclination might have been to wonder if Sumatra was a possibility, but i believe the element i am seeing that make me think this are ones that where probably transferred to Palembang during the influences of the Javanese there at the time.
Interesting that none of these keris have mendak. I would have thought they would have been collected as complete keris, especially one belonging to the Swedish queen.
I am not certain about exactly which collections Alan was able to view in Europe, but this may have been one of them.
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