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Originally Posted by TVV
Here is a picture from the Palace of Governors in Santa Fe. There is a lance in the top right corner. Unfortunately taking pictures is prohibited and thus the quality of the picture is somewhat poor, and there is no close-up.
This is too bad, because the lance is really pretty - it features a silver inlay with floral design. I am not sure if it was locally made or imported from Spain. The socket is flattened to make it into a tang.
There are some other nice items in this display, including an espada ancha (with active rust in the fullers ) and a buffalo hide shield, called "adarga".
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Excellent photo Teodor! Thank you for posting this, I felt deja vu as I looked at it....I was there in October but didnt get any pictures. Great example of the espada ancha, which I hope we'll be able to discuss here sometime soon.

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