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Originally Posted by aiontay
I know this doesn't deal directly with Spanish colonial lances, but as for how far south Kiowa raids went, they definitely went south of San Luis Potosi, although they ususally were to areas farther north. My great, great, great grandfather was captured around San Luis Potosi according to my family's oral traditions. He was the father of the original Aiontay, whose name I carry.

As for the monkeys, the story was written down by Scott Mommaday in his book "Way to Rainy Mountain", but it is also pretty well known among the Kiowas. Basically, a war party decided to go as far south as they could go, and only turned back when they got to an area where they saw little furry men with tails in the trees above them. This was just too strange for them, and they headed back up north.

Hello Aiontay, and welcome!!! It is great to see this thread brought up again and especially to see your entry concerning the Kiowa raiding partys into Mexico. I would very much like to hear more, as I am under the impression that you are of Kiowa ancestry, and I find that most fascinating. I have always deeply admired the Native American history, traditions and heritage, and in travelling cross country have been fortunate to visit many important locations. It is most heartening to see the traditions and heritage of these many nations being preserved and with well earned pride.

Thank you for confirming the distances of these raids with such well qualified information....I really love the story of 'furry little men with tails'!! that truly must have been enough to say..I think we may have gone too far!!

All the very best,
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