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Originally Posted by celtan
Gav, I don't know if that would be a good idea. You'd have to pay shipping to two different locations, and taxes to the intermediate location too. For example, inter-state shipping also pays taxes, in PR's case they are about 8%. Although not all states do, yet I have no idea of which assess taxes and which don't. Second, if you misrepresent the value, and the item "gets lost", insurance will only cover the reported value. Sometimes Custom offices "dissappear" the item on purpose, and then leave you to deal with your insurance, knowing full-well it won't cover your loss. Custom's games..!



Believe me Manolo, it is a far cheaper option. by doing this I could potentally save $500+. Lose is never a concern for me, of the hundreds, maybe thousand plus deals I have done over the years, nothing has ever gone astray if it is sent with either registration or tracking, I rarely insure.
Others may have suffered loss but I do wonder the circumstances behind it.
I hear stories of customs officers taking stuff but never ever had is substantiated either.

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