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Originally Posted by mariusgmioc
Hello Estcrh,

To which one you are referring? I assume the first one, right?

The term Karud does not exist in any of the languages of people that use this type of knifes and it probably appeared as a misnomer for Kard (at least that's what I know, but I may be wrong ). So I would rather not use it and stick to the term Pesh-kabz.

A lot of terms that we use to describe different weapons (and armors) do not exist in the language of the people that use them as far as we are able to know from the scant evidence available us. You can use any term you want but there is a stark difference between the weapon called pesh-kabz and the weapon called karud in our times.

Do you really think that these two daggers are the same? I certainly do not and many very knowledgeable people do not. These terms are used to differentiate between various types of weapons and are not necessarily tied to any other cultures use of the same term.
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