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Default Pike? or...

Halberd/Spontoon/???/half pike? Parade Standard or signalling item for a Sgt. or Officer? Not heavy enough for use against armour, but looks adequate for unarmoured use.

This came to live with me today, vendor called it a pike No idea of how old, no markings. I'm guessing 19c.

It's 200cm. overall, spear point has a very flat diamond x-section, is quite sharp. the 10in. spear section is threaded into the socket section with a substantial, about 3/4 in. dia. strong screw section.

The halberd blade section is quite thin, maybe 2-3mm and the axe edge it also very sharp, the hook section is dull on the inside of the curve, but again quite sharp on the outer part, and very sharply pointed. It appears to be one piece fitted thru a slot in the socket and flush riveted transversely top & bottom. It appears to be a bit thicker, possibly shimmed, inside the socket.

There are two 10.5in. languets down the sides of the shaft, which has a slight taper from the butt to the point (no butt cap or spike). It indexes itself axe blade down as the haft is slightly bent.

The steel is has some light spotting and pitting and a few nicks on the edges. The wood haft has been blackened, with a few scrapes revealing a light wood interior, ash maybe?

Any comments appreciated.
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