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Here's the site for the Jaeger Korps re-in actors. Again, I understand the mention of hirschfanger brings up a generic image of the many types of hunting implements, as shown on the site. I still can't get past, however, Harold Peterson's very descriptive narrative and image. You will also note that the swords on this site are for reference only, as some are not German, some are 19th century, etc. Adding to this confusion is the fact that the Jagers were around all the way up through the 20th century! Obviously, uniforms and accouterments would change over time. I know I sound like I'm fighting the possibility that this isn't a jaeger sword. I'm really not as I win either way (if not a jaeger, I can continue to classify it as a brass hilted hanger cum cutlass. If it is the sword used by the elite group, that that is fine too). I may never find out what the markings are or even if this piece saw action during the Rev War, but I just hope I can solve the fundamental question of is it or isn't it! :
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