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I've been waiting for somebody to jump in and point out the obvious, but it looks like either everybody is asleep, or there is not much interest in this pedang. Pity, because I think it is quite interesting, not for the hooked point, which really doesn't grab my interest much, but for the blade form with kembang kacang.

In my previous post I appraised this as Javanese, and it is a known Javanese form.

Kai thinks it could be Sundanese, I do not know the blade form as Sundanese, I've never seen any examples of this blade form that could be inarguably given as Sundanese, but who knows, it might be Sundanese, as I have said I do not want to debate the subject, simply because we cannot know where it was made.

But I really did expect somebody to give the obvious alternative, and that is South Sumatera. Both the blade form and the hilt style are known in South Sumatera.

Since nobody else has given this obvious alternative, I'll give it myself.

Anybody know any other reasonable alternatives?
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