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David Jaumann
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Thank you for your detailed answer, Micke!
Iīm sorry that I didnīt write earlier.

Itīs very interesting to know that there are several crossbows that can be allocated to the same family.

You said that the lengths of the stocks were reduced from 90cm to 70cm during the 15th century. On picture 90 in "Die Hornbogenarmbrust" which is dated to 1475, I can see a crossbow with a long stock that is spanned with a Riemenrollspanner. Do you think that old crossbows with the first tiller type were still used during the late 15th century or is it more likely that that some crossbowmakers still kept up making oldfashioned crossbows? The crossbow on picture 91 also has horninlays which seem to be oldfashioned...

Do you know more about the crossbow on post no.55?
It has a two-axle-lock and it looks quite simular to the crossbows shown on the St. Veit-Altar of 1487. So do you think that Peter Finerīs estimation is set too early?

Thank you and best wishes,
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