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Originally Posted by A. G. Maisey
the second photo I would hesitate to be definite about, it actually looks as if it has been remade/reshaped by somebody who was not a tukang wrongko, I would probably give this second wrongko as generic Jawa. The third (dark wood) wrongko I would give as East Jawa/Madura.

The scabbard (iras) shown on my second picture is undoubtfully old and looks original but the gambar is undersized indeed and the gandar was probably covered by a pendok, which gives it its odd appearance.
Regarding the proposed West Java origin for the third specimen, I have relied on the opinion of the Swiss expert Gaspard de Marval, see page 41 of his reference book "Le Monde du Kriss", and he also shows a typical gayaman scabbard from East Java.
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