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Its really hard to identify these 'one off' type knives as they are pretty much custom and draw from varying influences the makers have seen. As noted, the blade is not 'oriental' (Eastern etc. ) but more 'Bowie' like. The wire wrap around the hilt of course recalls Arabian and Persian shamshirs, the alternating quillon terminals recall certain sword bayonet forms. The interesting knife device added is an interesting touch. The pommel very neo classic.

Probably most intriguing is the fish skeleton like motif which seems en suite on blade and grip. This reminds me of such designs in North African knives, i.e. Sudan.
I would think something from American source where imports from 'exotics' were centered, and a maker drew from the many edged weapons seen, East Coast perhaps, with the 'Bowie' type blade, though small obviously, carried the pastiche of design elements. Looks very latter 19th c.
With these kinds of knives, guesswork mostly, but whatever it is, its an incredibly attractive piece!
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