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With reference to British swords, I am following a line of research on the subject of swords sold under the name of GARDEN.

The firm was widely known as Army Accoutrement Makers & Saddlers, and they were involved in the sale of such merchandise as well as of firearms and swords to officers and some regiments of the EIC and Indian Army.

The four main trading names and addresses are as follows:

- Garden 200 Piccadilly London (Hugh Garden)
- Garden & Son 200 Piccadilly London (Hugh & Robert Spring Garden)
Hugh Garden he died 1851, his son carried on.
- Robt. S. Garden 200 Piccadilly London (Robert Spring Garden)
- Robt. S. Garden 29 Piccadilly London (Robert Spring Garden)

Would be most grateful to hear from anyone who has a sword or swords sold by this firm, with a view to getting specific details of the type of sword (hilt & blade), Patent hilt etc., as well as specific details of how the swords are marked, as in which trading name and address, and whether or not they have a number or name, or both stamped on the back edge of the blade.


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