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What i gather the frase is that either it is a mix of different languages, or that the person inscribed something he heared of but did not know the correct grammar.

Like "in te eomine sie" could be "in e nomine sie" which would translate to: In the name of so. EDIT: the word Sie in German means "you" refering to either one or multiple persons (beeing one person, Sie with a capital letter is meant as respect mostly to a person older or above you. Sie can also refer to a group meaning "They"). Or just sie meaning she when written in lowercase.

hichi es i gucoio might be "Hi Hi es i **coio" which translates to "these belong to **coio"

Atached are two symbols of the second line of the first side of the underside of the sentence, thee last word begins with a G? and than a V (made clear by the extra punctuations, so not a U)? Very difficult to see

I also did find this sword at the thomas del mar sale, lot number 88 (forgive me if i overstep a boundry here).
They state it to be German or Italian. If this is indeed German, the chance of it beeing correct grammatically is very slim (German and Latin are quit different in al sorts of ways. It is also the main difference between German and Dutch, the latter beeing influenced by Latin).
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