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Udo, please don't take that approach, that entry with Aries was perfect!!! and although I do not speak any other languages, I can easily muddle through French in some degree, especially along with images I wish I had Aries, but it is the one resource I never was able to obtain. Expensive and hard to find complete sets.
Your entries with Aries recently 'pulled me out of the hole' when I was stumped with a sword I was researching, and I envied your holding of that valuable reference!!! not to mention your thoughtfulness in seeking and presenting it.

There are 'mountains of knowledge' here, and in the world of arms study, I would go as far as saying, here are the 'Himalayas', and your peak is very high! along with so many others.
Like CC, I have learned so much here, and every effort I make to try to add what I can is to give back in gratitude.

It is very much quid pro quo, and we all learn together.

For me, seeing this entry from Aries was wonderful, and as I mentioned, I have now learned about these axes, and especially from a much envied resource which myself and many others will probably never have.

REALLY good work here guys!!! Thank you.
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