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I don't see any 1856 dating only 1855.
Try blocking out letters either side of the letter you are looking at.
By taking each letter individually you can see "Med" instead of "Steel'
Same for "Gren" can ge "Gen" or "Srew" or "Screw guard", and I have seen the same notation on other proof pages for "screw guard".
There is no Grenadier guard military history to the officer, no etching on the blade, nothing to maintain this point . ​
To maintain Grenadier guard would mean the page is not for this sword at all but the serial numbers match and Wilkinsons name is on the page also.
The Wilkinson name appears to be misspelt, but we know what it should read in this case. This makes me believe the penmanship of the person was so bad it looks like he added letters, made incorrect ones and does not form them correctly.
i hope I'm explaining this satisfactorily. With there being no steel hilt, no Grenadier guard insignia, nothing, and everything is 9th regt. of Foot, the logical conclusion is we're being duped by poor 176 year old penmanship!
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