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Hello Julien,

Pattern welded : use of two different steel with different characteristics to produce a contrast (like keris)

Pattern welding is probably more defined by the intention of the blade smith rather than actual contrast achieved though: In many cultures a more subdued contrast was appreciated compared to the bold pamor often seen with keris Jawa/Bali. Also the method to visualize the contrast varies widely (high polish in Japan vs topographic etch, warangan stain vs patina from use, etc.).

Laminated/forge folded : use of bloomed steel, forge folded several times to purify it. The position of the bloom, in the furnace, will not be homogeneous in terms of carbon content. Which will produce different coloration during etching. Also, several layer can be seen (like Japanese sword).
Quite often the contrast is also due to phosphate, nickel, or other differences between alloys. (While bloomery steel is historically most relevant, also other sources/alloys can be welded to produce laminated steel.)

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