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Adrian the guards regiments got new pattern steel hilts in 1854 with their own crests in the ovals.
This sword has the brass infantry officers hilt and the oval originally contained the "VR" and now has the crossed sword and baton for general and staff officers for when he went to Control Department.
All the blade etching is 9th regt. of Foot from Britannia and regimental battle honours.
I think reading "Gren" though it sure appears this way may be misleading, unless an incorrect notation was put on the page (known to happen on these Wilkinson entries on blade proof pages).
It seems the writing has lower case letters that look like uuu and are difficult to distinguish from an r,n, u or ??.
The page does have the officers name and correct size of blade.
Part of it reads like "sword steel" when it is actually "sword med". with the "d" having the upsweep not attach to the last loop appearing as an "L" Attach the upsweep and L and it reads as "d" as it should. so "sword med".
It reads "hilt? remove??" and his sword would have had the "VR" removed to add the general officers crest.
Under "hilt ??" is lent?? I have no idea what that is, and under that is "m w d"? again not sure.
Back to "np gren guard" could be new pattern for general officers guard?. 1854 is the year that began the non folding guard, therefore a new pattern of guard without the hinged section.
The year 1854 for folding guards being abolished was not strictly adhered to and officers could still purchase their sword with a folding guard.
Top left on a slant, is written "had taken"? and under that "fitten Wilkinson" with Wilkinson improperly spelt and whatever fitten is supposed to be.
The sword shown in the officers photo shows a non folding guard. Of course the scabbard was replaced with a brass one when he became a major.
I appreciate all the input and believe we are getting closer to this mystery with illegible writing. If it were too easy there would be less enjoyment in trying.
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