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I'm guessing that Gren could be Gen for general officers?

There is unquestionably an r in that word.

I am not a sword expert, was there a pattern of sword specifically for Grenadier Guards officers in this period? If so was there anything that could have prevented this gent from wearing one? I wonder if, when he ordered this sword, he had expectations of holding a commission in the GGs, one could of course speculate endlessly but there was something that 'changed'. The hilt appears to be brass, not steel, have you tried a magnet on it, just in case.... In any event it would seem that either the sword was re-hilted in brass or the order was altered and the records not amended - it was after all a fairly regular sword & I know from years of experience in the modern building industry that many changes are requested during construction and not all of those end up as written contract variations and the changes are just simply done with no record other than the evidence of what one can see.
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