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all pattern welded blades are laminated blades, but not all laminated blades are pattern welded.
Well, there are also pattern welded wootz blades (which are technically not laminated...) - however, more often than not, the terminology often gets pretty loosely applied, anyway.

In Indonesia, there also is the concept of planned and unplanned pamor: Complex, controlled pattern welding would usually be referred to as planned while more basic, "random" laminations are usually considered as unplanned. IMHO this is also somewhat off since for tight "unplanned" laminations you also need to have a clear intention, know how to achieve that and what you're doing, as well as having extensive control during your working processes. Moreover, there also seems to be a tendency to refer to some pamor motifs as unplanned since their "spontaneous" appearance is believed to enhance their mystic power. In many cases, I'm more inclined to believe that the blade smith did lend more than a mere helping hand...

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