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Default 9th regt. of foot, Royal Norfolk Regt.

An interesting sword to a Capt in the Crimea with the 9th Foot. Later to be general staff with transport and commissionariat. Medal and clasp for Sebastopol and 5th class of the order of Medjidie 1856, Turkish War medal 1859. In 1884 he was with the Nile Expedition as commissary general.
The blade is etched with 13 battle honours, IX, Britannia, HJ Wilkinson and his family crest. The guard has had the VR replaced with the general officers crossed sword and baton. Fenton was nice enough to have taken a photo of HJ Wilkinson on horseback.

What is somewhat unclear is the Wilkinson blade proof page, some of it has not been deciphered yet.

illustration of Nile Expedition from 1884 Graphic, online by lookand
HJ Wilkinson is bottom right corner.
If anyone has a higher resolution picture of the Nile illustration I'd be interested in it.
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