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Any more opinions out there?

Yes, but they have already been mentioned, however, in my simple mind we are not doing any present or future collector of Keris any favor's by the comment "nice piece" and leave it is that.

From what I have been able to see in past or present postings, the dealers (not the collector thinning out or making an effort to better a collection) are seeking approval and listing material for what they are about to list elsewhere. If we give them a nod and say "nice piece", that for them translate to a fine piece and will eventually be listed as such elsewhere.

Here my concern is for the beginning collector, who based on the listing will be buying a piece which may be an assembled piece not what it is advertised to be. In fact we should be aware of a potential future listing that include the phrase "as advertised in the Vikingsword Keris Forum" scary is it not.

I also concur, deal only with dealers that you trust, I also recognise the dealers are entitled to a cup of rice a day and they most likely do not see anything wrong in what they do, after all its just business as usual.

However, if we point out all faults as we see them, will the dealers keep coming back for more, perhaps not.

The simple solution would of cause be the dealers listing their pieces directly and strictly in the Swap Forum.

Just my opinion
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