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I'm learning a lot of this topic, also the majapahit blade topic. My interest about the keris is more cultural and historical....

Let me share some info, but it's only past over verbally. It cannot be fully proven.

The keris should be a gift from the keraton of Surakarta, somewhere in the second part of the 19th century. Given to an east Javanese dokter who was also Wedono. (Wedono is dialect for face)

I also thought that the blade was Tuban, just because of the feeling of the blade, i don't have that detailed knowledge about the keris.

The story goes that the blade was re-shaped in Solo by a Madurese empu, what gives it the east Javanese feeling. That's why lot's of east Javanese keris have mid Javanese infuence. Solo and Jogya originate from east Java and have lots of Madurese craftmans and is seen as original east Javanese.
You also see that on the east Javanese Wedono keris.

I didn't know about the gonjo, nor of the real origine of the blade before beeing reshaped...
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