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Paul in 1972 Indonesia changed the spelling of words from the Dutch system to the English system. Javanese and other local language spellings followed suit. So pre-1972 it was Dutch convention, post 1972 it was English convention

As far as names go, some people have stayed with the old Dutch spellings, others have changed to new spelling.

In the list below, the first column is post 1972 usage, the second column is pre-1972 usage

u = oe
c = tj
j = dj
kh = ch
ny = nj
sy = sj
y = j

This only refers to spelling, pronunciation is consistent no matter what spelling is used, and of course, pronunciation must be learnt separately.

BI is the national and public language, everybody uses a local language at home and mostly in the street.


It has been rather forcefully pointed out to me that in the case of the letter "u" replacing the Dutch usage of "oe", this change dates from 1947.

Apparently the new regime in the new country of Indonesia had such a deep seated hatred of the previous Dutch overlords that one of their first actions was to get rid of this "oe" usage, something that they found extremely offensive, and in addition, out of step with the Modern World.
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