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looks like you would need to etch the bhutanese knife blade to see if it were laminated - etching shows the laminations a lot better. search the forum for info on etching with vinegar...the knife shows signs that it is.

the knife in post 12 doesn't look filipino, more greek/ottoman to me. is the pommel end v-grooved like the contemporary cretan hunting knife with the olive wood grip i have, below?

p.s. - the dha-ish knife (dha also just means knife & they come in all sizes up to and including the more usual swords) looks more like a rattan splitting knife. never seen a dha that small that curved. there is always a first tho. all my small dhas are fairly straight. see below for the small, medium and large dhas

finally, the more usual thai enep shape. this one is fairly large. thai version of a khukuri .
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