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Default French Officer's naval fighting sword, 1795-1800

I just got hit with a massive bill and must secure funds to pay it! I've decided to put this beauty up for sale-

This is a French pre-Napoleonic naval and marine officer's fighting sword. The hilt is fine brass with a knuckle bow that swivels to protect the hand while in battle. The brass has a beautiful patina to it, the guard is of the four-slot pattern with scalloped decoration and a shell-like pattern to the forward guard's base. Grip is copper wire and pommel cap has a diamond pattern decoration. The plain fighting blade is in the style of a cutlass and fully intact, no chips or cracks. I'm taking a loss on this one, but I need funds fast, so ask questions and/or make me an offer if reasonable!

$850 plus shipping. I must sell quickly, so this 'Master & Commander' era sword is only here for a limited time before I'll have to resort to eBay-
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