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This is a fine, long and extremely heavy Nuremberg made 'military' matchlock petronel of ca. 1580-90, in my collection.
The lock is struck with an indistinct maker's mark, above the Nuremberg proof mark, the serpentine (match holder) is shaped like a sea monster with his scaly back, featuring a second head down at its scrolled tail!
The rear section of the barrel, octagonal to round, is iron-carved and engraved with Renaissance portraits in oval frames all'antica, flowers and stylized acanthus leaves. The stock is of walnut.
The long tubular back sight is chiseled to represent a bearded face.
Of course, this is a 'usual' muzzleloading musket.
Length overall 1,56 cm, weight ca. 10 kg.

Attached at the bottom is an early engraving of ca. 1590, by Jacob de Gheyn, depicting a musketeer with his matchlock petronel.
Author's photographs.

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