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I was last there in 2011 and found one small shop in a cluster of antiques dealers on the Hong Kong (island) side, near Hollywood Road where most of the antique and curio shops are anyway. I didn't bother to keep the name and exact address because their stock held no appeal for me -- it was mostly Japanese, flashy stuff but not important, and a few Chinese which would have been decent if they weren't all worn out and grungy. The only things I saw that were worth a second look were more ethnographica than weapons per se: a pair of exquisitely carved, gilt, and lacquered Vietnamese votive swords made entirely of wood. Can't recall any Indian or Islamic on display. However, there is a small and dedicated community of collectors over there, and from my contact with them they do like their wootz blades. They seem to acquire most of their items at auction abroad, and from finds at major arms shows in the US and UK.
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