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Originally Posted by CSinTX
I like it! I assume the lighting was most of the cost? Have you considered placing the copper and brass pieces outside to allow them to age some? Maybe there is an accelerated chemical aging process that would work?

Lights, $2k materials, install/drywall/paint $1.5k, the remainder was various materials and shipping for the hanging system.

I thought the copper electroplated hangers would look better than white, black, or silver. They are cast iron with plating, so I donít think I could patinate them. I can always paint them, though.

Iíve got some smaller diameter hangers on the way for the thinner poles. The largest axe head on the cleaver-like voulge likes to swing out and greet you at the door.

I engineered this system myself with materials available, so I know it doesnít look as clean as a museum setup. More importantly, though, is that itís removable and adjustable. I could pack it up and move it to a new home if needed.

When finished with hangers at both levels and appropriately sized, nothing should move or be... floppy.

My main reason for bumping the thread and sharing is that the system may only be a 5 out of 10 on aesthetics, but function is like a 9. If I had fewer weapons, I could twist the bottom hangers at an angle, push them together, and do a fan effect like we see at most US museums.

Edit: As you can see from my earlier picture, the lighting system was badly needed! Iíve been talking about doing it for 7 years. I finally did it.
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