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Default The M1873 Winchester saddle ring carbine

Im totally with you Hombre!!!! (PS I loved that movie with Paul Newman, "Hombre"). As I grew up mostly in the Southwest including Utah and Colorado, I have always had a deep interest in the history. While I have studied historic edged weapons for over 50 years, as we travel through these areas in the 'bookmobile' (on the road in RV for over 12 yrs) it is impossible not to be totally caught up in it.

In Albuquerque, N.M. I had the good fortune to finally find a good Winchester SRC (=saddle ring carbine). This was a worn, well used piece that has lived its rugged life here in New Mexico.
It is the 1873 (3rd model) just as Billy's, and is in .44-.40, exactly as preferred on the range as the ammo as the same as in the Colt 'peacemakers'. While far from any expert on this, I suspect this is one of the earlier ones as it still has the dovetail sight, the ladder sight was added more around 1880.

It has been 'worked' and the magazine has been shortened, the butt has been replaced (there is damage to the butt), its patina black, and the rawhide added for grip?

I wanted to add it here as we have been talking on Billy's guns, and seemed appropriate to add a genuine working gun of New Mexico of the time. In this condition scorned by collectors, I am a historian, and this carbine is steeped in history!

As you are a collector of these guns Hombre, I look forward to your insights.
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