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The actual dimensions of the earliest completely preserved gun of ca. 1390-1410 closely compare to three very similar contemporary guns, illustrated in

- Cod.vind. ?, dated 1410, ÖNB Vienna
top attachment

- Cod.vind. 3069,
by the same artist, possiblyJohann Hartlieb, dated 1411, ÖNB Vienna
(see 11 atts. to previous post)

- Bellifortis, 1405,
atts. #2 through 5,
incl. a self portrait of Konrad Kyeser

Please also note the earliest representation of an igniting iron, depicted rectangularly curved, and very delicate overall, especially at the tip.
the author's thread on igniting irons and linstocks, as well as the oldest actually existing igniting iron recorded,
in The Michael Trömner Collection:
- earliest igniting iron in author's collection, for comparison

To be continued in follower post.


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