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Originally Posted by CutlassCollector
Hi carlos,

Nice axe. I have seen several of these and I believe that it is a late 19th or early 20th century French fireman's hatchet but it is a direct descendant of the French boarding axe and closely copies it.
Its small size make it unlikely to be a boarding axe as it is maybe 300mm long with a blade to spike point of perhaps 185mm. Even the smaller models of French boarding axes were more like 530mm by 230mm.

Peugeot freres have a long history of tool manufacture and go back at least to 1850.

I have seen one of these marked with the Free French cross indicating it was still in use in WWII.


CC, while not a collector nor having knowledge in this field, I just wanted to thank you for the detailed info and insight into this interesting axe. I wondered if it could be a firemans axe, and it is great to learn from the example shared and observations, so very much appreciated.
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