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Yes Kai, affixing names of specific Balinese deities or folk figures can be pretty difficult sometimes. Moreover, sometimes the people in Bali whom one would think might have a good idea of what specific personage is represented by a totogan, will have no idea at all, or else, be demonstrably wrong.

But sometimes an attribution will be included in the carving that might be sufficient clue to venture a guess on. With Bhima it is usually an overlong thumb nail and/or rather massive genitals.

In respect of hairstyle, I'd be looking for a crab-claw hairstyle on a Bhima representation. The simple knot of hair is normally associated with a low level personage, maybe a punakawan, or servant, or common man.


I've referred to "hair style" above. Ideally, this crab claw (supit urang) would have been a hair style, but in reality it was probably mostly a head-dress, its symbolism is that it identifies a hero.
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