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Kronckew, your faskinkniv is troop marked for T3, the Norrlands trangregemente 1893-2000 (Norrlands Trainkår). This is a train regiment, a unique force whose purpose was to handle the logistical requirements of troop equipment and supply.

T3 originated as the Royal Norrland Train Battalion, raised in 1893. Headquarters were moved from Stockholm to Sollefteå in May, 1898. In 1902, T3 became the Royal Norrland Train Corps, which was raised to a Regiment status on July 1, 1949. In 1994, the Regiment was reduced to a Corps, which in 2000 was merged into the I5 as the Norrland Train Battalion, which was disbanded in 2005.

That maker’s stamp on this weapon is, as you indicate, A. & E. Holler, which operated between the years 1839 and 1869. This is unusual, as most of the contracts for the manufacture of the m1848 faskinkniv were let to Swedish makers. I have an identical A. & E. Holler faskinkniv marked to the 14th infantry regiment (Hälsinge regiment).

There is no mention of a Danish version of this weapon in Møller's Gamle Danske Militær Våben, so I suspect it is either unrecognized or someone's fantasy.

Here is a photo of a trooper of the Norrlands trangregemente from my collection of CdVs. He wears the faskinkniv.
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