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Originally Posted by M ELEY
... I am also of the opinion that the R or RX for that matter, stands for regiment once we ruled out (in the original thread) that it was for 'rack number' (ruled out by the fact that the German word for rack is 'Gestell' ), whereas 'regiment' is the same in German and thus starts with the leter 'R'...

We both converge and diverge on this one, if i may, Captain . I may have not made my point clear in that, even considering that determined set of numbers may refer to a specific place where you store weapons (and other) which in english is called 'rack' (often a letter for the shelf and a couple digits for the row), you don't need to quote the term rack with an initial in the marks, as this is already presupposed, or implicit, so to say. Meaning that whether rack in German is written differently, such is not the issue; not to mention the difference in terminology, as Germans probably call such weapons storage implement with a different name. I think (not sure) that in Portuguese we call them 'armeiros' (from arms)... but certainly not a translation for rack.
Furthermore, even assuming that your hanger is of German origin, what about the markings having being made later in the country (and force) that imported it ? This is why i have asked you before where (country) did you get it from.
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